TEARS IN HEAVEN was founded to provide financial and emotional support to families that have lost a young child to the ultimate act of violence by a family member.

Our families were torn apart by parents taking away lives of our precious children and then, committing suicide. Zuzanna and Justin were amazing, full of life and happiness little kids bringing happiness to all of us and living their innocent young lives.

A parent decided to take a knife and violently end their lives.

It was the worst tragedy that could happen to anyone.
No explanation, no motive, no emotions, no hints, just a tragic incident that no one can explain. A shock to family members and other parents as well. Why? Media, funeral, life without them from now on, blame, grief, questions, therapy, sadness and yet life goes on.
Being a victim of such tragedy puts us in a place where we appreciate every moment, smile, laugh, memory and emotions forever.
As hard as it is to cope with all of it you have to go on with your life, take a deep breath, tell yourself they are in a better place and you will see them again one day.
Carry on the memory of them, talk about them, honor them in every way possible. Keep them alive by helping others in similar situations.
Our goal is to assist in relieving the financial and psychological burden of families that are experiencing what we experienced.

Meet Our Team

Katarzyna Szyszka

Artur Plackowski