Our Story #1 – Justin

Our Story – Justin

A few years ago, our family was struck by an unforgivable tragedy. The mother of two kids committed an awful tragedy that there is no coming back from. Instead of searching for answers and reaching out to her close ones with her problems, Elizabeth Plackowska murdered two loving children and two animals. Their names were Justin and Olivia. She is now sitting in jail for life for her terrible crimes. And we, the survivors, are left with questions that may never be answered. We have created this page to raise awareness about stress and depression. This story will give you a better idea of the time period that took place 2 weeks prior to the murder.

This tragedy all started with a phone call from Poland that caused one person to lose it all. Elizabeth Plackowska was informed, during the month of October, that her father is no longer alive. This person was a stone for all of Elizabeth’s life and the loss soon spawned its own tragedy. When dealing with stress, it is very important to address the problem and also seek help from others instead of letting it all pile up on your plate. Over the next two weeks, things got very dark and strange. In retrospect, this should have been a point of realization. Elizabeth began to drink more during this period of time. Not only that, but she begin to sleep less while working long twelve hour days at work. All these factors took a toll on Elizabeth. She begin to get more violent and aggressive, and picking fights with her loved ones.

Eventually, it got to the point where she began to talk crazy. Mentioning God has entered into her life and has forgiven her for all of her sins. She began to mention how she saw the devil in all of us as well and said that we all needed God in our lives. One night, Elizabeth walked around the house in the middle of the night, slamming shelves and making noises. She claimed she was sleep walking when asked about it later.

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