Our Story #2 – Justin

A week before the incident, Elizabeth went to Costco and purchased vitamins. She stated she needed them in in order to live a long and healthy life. This was one of the confusing factors that made the family believe Elizabeth was slowly getting better. One of the main reasons we believed Elizabeth was harmless was because of her religious beliefs. These beliefs dictated that if you want to enter heaven, you cannot take the life of another innocent soul. The day before the incident though, Elizabeth started to act weird and aggressive again. She started arguing with her son, me, in the middle of the night and kicked him out of the house. She stated that, she wanted him to become independent from the family.

The day of the crime, Elizabeth became impossible to read. She did a number of weird things that day. That night, everything twisted around in Elizabeth’s life and turned into a nightmare. She murdered two children with a butcher knife, and put over a hundred of stab wounds into her son and inflicted another fifty blows to the little girl. Before killing her son, she made him pray for his life. Elizabeth then fled from the crime scene and drove to her older son in Naperville. Elizabeth walked through the door of a family’s friend house, covered in blood. She was later arrested by police and taken into custody, where she was held for four years before the trail. The proceedings were decided with the final decision that Elizabeth was sane during the murder.

The world may never find out exactly why this happened, but at least this story can help people understand when the situation got out of hand for my family. We can only hope that there will be a way to avoid these situations in the future by learning from these past tragedies.

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